Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Four Reasons People Overbid

Overbidding--Why Shoppers Do It

Did you ever see other customers bid three or four times the value of the auction product and ask yourself, "Why on earth would anybody do that?" Now that I discovered the answer to that question, I sometimes decide to overbid, too, on purpose.

Of course, it might be impossible for us to know if another customer is overbidding. To know that, we would also have to know how much they paid for their bids. We might do the math based on the sale price of 14 cents a bid, because smart customers would always buy their bids on sale, right?  Some customers, however, might win enough bid packages to greatly reduce the cost they are actually paying per bid. When we earn our free bids, customers might not even put a monetary value on them because they did not have to pay for them.

Having said that, regardless of how much everyone is paying per bid, we all know that some customers consistently overbid. I believe there are four reasons some people overbid the value of the products on

1. Overbidding because they do not know they are doing it

Remember when you were a Newbie on  Remember how easy it was to get caught up in the excitement of discovering such an awesome bidding site?  Did you stop and do the math?  Probably not. This is most likely the main reason that Newbies often overbid. New customers simply get so excited about shopping on that they do not take the time to figure out how much they are actually spending.  Most likely, when the credit card bills come in, they will get a "wake-up call" and start to learn how to set reasonable limits.

All experienced bidders know that the closing cost of an auction, plus the cost of the bids used to win  the auction is the total cost of what we pay for the auctions we win.  On a "free to the winner" weekend, it is very easy to figure out because then the customers only have to worry about the cost of the bids it takes to win the auction. If we do not want to overbid the value of the product, however, we must add the closing cost of the auction to the cost of the bids it takes us to win it.  Once we reach the total value of the auction product, most of the time it makes more sense to BIN (Buy It Now) instead of win.

2. Overbidding to get more time on the clock

This is the main reason I will sometimes purposely overbid in an auction, but it is a little risky and you have to know what you are doing for this to work in your favor. You especially have to know who the other customers are and how they bid.

Once we have already invested enough money to equal the value of the product, the worst thing that could happen to us is to accidentally "win" the auction because then we cannot get our bids back free to use in another auction. At that point, it would be financially in our best interest to BIN instead.  So why would we  purposely choose to continue bidding?  To get more time on the clock toward earning our free bids.

For this to work in our favor, however, we have to be really sure that we are not going to win the auction. Let's say I invested my maximum number of bids and another power bidder jumps in near the end of the auction.  This bidder saved all their bids for the end and I already used mine, so I know I cannot outbid my competition. Also, if that bidder is from Texas, I am 90 percent sure that bidder will not let me win.  Therefore, it is rather safe for me to continue bidding to get more time on the clock. At that point, I am going to be forced to BIN and I will get all my bids back, anyway, so why not get more time on the clock?

3. Overbidding to teach "Bully Bidders" a lesson

 Let's be honest. After we have had our heart set on winning an auction and we already bid to our maximum, it is very irritating when the same "Bully Bidders" repeatedly jump in at the end and win the auction with only a few bids.  We might even scream at our computers, "That's not fair!"

One way to prevent that from happening, of course, is to avoid getting into the same auctions with the "Bully Bidders" that we know by reputation. However, that might not always work. We might be  trying to avoid them, but they might not be trying to avoid us.  Sometimes we have to stand up to a bully to teach them a lesson and make them think twice about jumping in on all of our actions.

I am not a vindictive person and I try to show respect to other bidders, but if we are going to shop on for a long time to come, we might choose to do some overbidding as a future investment to let certain bidders know that we are not "push overs" that they can beat all the time.

Whenever I saw a "Bully Bidder," I used to immediately cancel my bids and get out of the auction. However, if  "Bully Bidders" learn that they can jump in on an action any time they want and we will always back down and let them win with just a few bids, they will continue to do it, over and over again.

Therefore, we might sometimes overbid on purpose to force "Bully Bidders" to pay more. If they do not always get "a free ride" based on their reputation, they might think twice about jumping in on our action.We might have to teach them that they might not have such an easy win. If we make them pay a big enough price a few times, they will think twice about it the next time. In other words, we might have to make some "Bully Bidders" afraid of us, too ... so they try to avoid us as much as we try to avoid them.

4. Overbidding because they can

Unfortunately, when somebody overbids because they can, this is the worst kind of bidder to compete with because you cannot win.  When somebody is so rich that they have an endless supply of bids and they only bid because they are bored, forget it. 

These people do not care if they bid far beyond the value of the product because they are so rich, the loss of money does not mean anything to them.  The only reason these bidders are on the site is because they get their kicks out of having enough power to outbid everybody else. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winning Streaks & Losing Streaks

We All Have Them

     I have been shopping on since February 2012. Some weeks I quickly won my win limit for the week.  Other times, it seemed like I was always in all the wrong auctions at the wrong times.  Winning streaks and losing streaks -- we all have them. Nobody can win all the auctions they bid in all of the time.

      If you are in a losing streak, perhaps it is time to take a break or develop some new winning strategies.

     You might be familiar with Kenny Rogers song called The Gambler.  In this song he says
you must "know when to hold em and when to fold em ... when you should walk away and when you should run."

    Even though we can BIN (Buy It Now) and get all your bids back free if we do not win, it is still important to know "when to hold em and when to fold em and when we should walk away."

    Let me give you a recent example. March 4, a 5,000 bid pack went up for auction, and I placed 44 bids on it. Soon it became evident that this auction would not end very soon, so I cancelled all the rest of my bids and "walked away." That was the smart thing to do because I saw about four bidders who were obviously knocking heads -- all four were determined never to quit.  When we get into an auction like this we are usually far better off walking away and getting into the next auction instead.  That is why it is so important to become familiar with how other bidders bid, so we know how to avoid getting into the same auction with certain bidders.

    A few days after that auction started, it finally ended March 6, closing at $343.85. Pianoman42 finallly won it, but did he really win or was he the biggest loser?  He placed his first bid at the very beginning (2 cents) and stayed in the auction to the bitter end. If you do the math, that bidder must have had to invest at least 10,000 bids to win 5,000 bids. On top of that, he had to pay 50 percent of the final sales price. 

     In the meantime, those 5,000 bid packages went up for auction six more times, and all six sold for far less. Jamieis16 won the package for only $2.98
WINDLOCKER  won the 5,000 bids for $6.58.
March 5, SpanishLynxx won it for $40.65
March 6, Beeker won 5,000 bids for $89.16
Bobbyabear won it for only $4.55 and
Cardzz won 5,000 bids for $25.47.

Lesson Learned From This

     Sometimes the biggest winners are the the bidders who quit one auction and bid in the next one.  

All four of those stubborn bidders who refused to walk away from that first auction, would have been far better off if they had moved to the next one that closed at $2.98. Instead of wasting thousands of bids, they could have won the 5,000 bids for only a few hundred or less.



Sunday, March 2, 2014

DealDash Videos

Far left: Danielle Knox of The Balancing Act. talk show. Right: DealDash customer Barbara Sellers, William Wolfram, CEO of and DealDash customer Rose Hefferman. We talked about what we liked most about

Several videos are available to learn more about  
In November, 2013,  I went on “The Balancing Act" talk show in Florida, along with another customer, Rose.  As long-time, loyal customers, we talked about what we liked most about shopping online on   That show aired on a national TV network on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, 2013.

You can see that video at:
Balancing Act:

You can also see the DealDash commercial at:

DealDash support team members also put together another exceptionally good resource at Customers are invited to go on this site and write articles about their shopping experiences.

You can also go to the penny-auction site at and scroll down to the bottom of the home page. You will find many other informational resources listed there that should answer any questions you might have.    

Believe me, I have checked out many other online penny auction sites and I still think is the best one by far. 

Happy bidding!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Perfect Valentines Day Gifts

I have many single friends who are looking for "The Perfect Man" and I found him hiding in a department store in the form of milk chocolate. He is sweet and decadently rich -- just how a man ought to be!  DealDash is not putting "The Perfect Man" up for auction for Valentines Day, but they have many other wonderful Valentines Day gift ideas!
Are you looking for the perfect Valentines Day gift?  Perhaps you could find it on and save money at the same time. has many wonderful gift ideas up for auction for the special sweetheart in your life.


  • Godiva chocolaes 
  • Valentines Day gift box of 9 milk chocolate Oreo cookies 
Do these items sound good to you? They are just a few of the special Valentines Day items you can find coming up for auction on

Even though you cannot start actively bidding on auction items until the last 10 minutes, do not be afraid to look ahead and place some bids into BidBuddy (the automated bidder) ahead of time.

If you do not win, you have seven full days to purchase the auction product at retail price. DealDash will ship it to you postage free and you will still receive all your bids back free to bid on something else. Who knows what great deals you could win?

Gift Cards

You can never go wrong by giving the special people in your life a gift card to their favorite restaurant, theatre, gas station or home supply store, and DealDash has a wider selection of gift cards than I have seen anywhere else. Here are some of the gift cards that you can find on, the fun and fair penny-auction site:

  • Amazon
  • AMC Theatres
  • Applebees
  • Arco
  • Babies R Us
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Cabela's
  • Chevron
  • Chilis
  • CVS/Pharmacy
  • Darden Restaurants (like Olive Garden & Red Lobster)
  • Dunken Donuts
  • Exon/Mobil
  • Home Depot
  • IHOP
  • Lowes
  • Macys 
  • McDonalds
  • Outback
  • Red Robin
  • Shell
  • Subway
  • Target
  • Texaco
  • Toys R Us
  • Walmart
The best part is that if you bid on these gift cards and do not win, you have seven full days to buy the card at retail price and get all your bids back free. You might not win the first, second or third time you place bids on a card, but as you learn new bidding strategies, eventually you could win a great deal.  I won a $100 Toys R Us gift card for less than $1 and two $50 gift cards for less than $1 -- one from Barnes & Noble and one from Texaco.

 Tablets, iPads & High-Tech Products

If you shop on you will find just about anything you need.  Why pay full-price for the latest brand new high-tech items when you could win them for a fraction of the cost? All you have to do is get in the right auction at the right time and you never know how much money you could save.

Reduced bid-package auctions

The most exciting new offer on are the bid packages now up for auction at greatly reduced prices -- instead of 60 cents per bid, only 20 cents per bid. Yes, now you can afford to do a BIN (Buy-It-Now) on the bid packages, too.

As another Valentine's Day Special, DealDash is now offering a super sale on the purchase of bid packages, too. Instead of 60 cents per bid, customers can now purchase bids for only 15 cents per bid.  But you better hurry because this special will only be available for a limited time period and the clock is ticking away!

The current prices now being offered on bid packages up for auction on are:
  • 80 bids for $16 (instead of $48)
  • 150 bids for $30 (instead of $90)
  • 200 bids for $40 (instead of $120)
  • 300 bids for $60 (instead of $180)
  • 600 bids for $120 (instead of $360)
  • 800 bids for $160 (instead of $480)
  • 1,000 bids for $200 (instead of $600)
  • 2,000 bids for $400 (instead of $1,200)
  • 5,000 bids for $1,000 (instead of $3,000)
Don't miss out on these wonderful deals. I wish DealDash had these offers in place when I was bidding on the 5,000 bid packages in the past because it would have saved me a lot of money. Now is the best time to bid on and take a chance on winning these larger bid packages.
Good luck everyone!

P.S. It would be very helpful if you would leave your comments below and let the DealDash support team know what you think of the reduced-priced bid packages up for auction.  If you are glad they made that change, let them know.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Six Biggest Mistakes Newbies Make

This photo, taken by Ryan K. Harvey, shows some of the more than 200 auctions I won on my first year. As a Newbie I won many products I wanted for gifts, but did not really need. Now I bid more selectively only for items I need.

I am a long-time shopper on which I still believe is the best penny-auction site available online. Regardless, I have been watching many Newbies (new shoppers to the site) make some huge mistakes.

When I was a Newbie, I made some of these mistakes, too. I could have saved a lot of bids and money, however, if I knew then what I know now.

Educated customers who know how to get the most out of the shopping experience are more likely to be happy customers ... and happy customers are much more likely to continue to shop on the DealDash site for a long time to come.

So let me help you to become a happy customer by telling you how to avoid making those six mistakes. I will also explain why I think they are the biggest mistakes that Newbies make.

1. Choosing intimidating screen names and leaving threatening messages in your bio

Many Newbies think it is a good idea to choose a screen name that will intimidate or scare other shoppers from competing in the same auctions. In this way, they hope they will win more auctions.
This is a bad idea.

For example, I recently saw a new screen name called MillionsFBids, which just made me laugh because nobody shopping on the site will have millions of bids. DealDash does not even sell a bid package that large.

Experienced customers can identify a "faker" in a heartbeat and will not be intimidated or scared away by anyone based on a screen name or threatening messages left in bios. Using such tactics could backfire by making someone more determined than ever to simply prove you wrong, resulting in more competition, not less.

Experienced customers soon know what kind of bidder you are based on your bidding habits and strategies. Therefore, choosing a cute or funny screen name might be a much better idea.

2. Bidding before reading, watching and learning how the site works

DealDash is not eBay and does not work like eBay.  Newbies should read, watch and learn how the shopping site works before they start bidding. Plenty of helpful information is available on the website, as well as on blogs like this.

To avoid making some of the most common bidding mistakes, Newbies should take the time to do a little research and read how to play smart.  Why?  Isn't it always better to learn from other people's mistakes instead of your own?

Football players train before they play. Doctors go to medical school to study and learn before they operate. That makes sense, doesn't it?  Then why do Newbies assume they can just start bidding successfully without doing any homework first?

If you are a Newbie and still have questions, all you have to do is contact a DealDash customer service employee. They are always very helpful and happy to answer any questions you might have.

3. Not using BidBuddy, the automated bidder

  This is probably the most common and worst mistake Newbies often make. As soon as they go to the home page of and see the many wonderful auction items available, they get so excited that they just go crazy and start placing single bids right then and there.

This is a huge mistake because Newbies waste a lot of bids and money by bidding from the home page and they also irritate the heck out of experienced bidders. For one thing, when they cut the clock and don't allow it to go down to one second, they cheat other bidders out of earning more free bids (see the green line at the bottom right hand of your screen).

As soon as experienced customers see other shoppers place bids every other one, they immediately know they are Newbies who do not know what they are doing. Only Newbies place bids every other one because they are bidding from the home page and cannot see what's happening behind the scenes. They do not yet know that BidBuddy, the automated bidder, even exists.

To see BidBuddy Newbies must first double click on the auction item they want  to bid on. By double clicking on the auction item,  a new window opens up and that is where BidBuddy is located.

Experienced bidders place their bids into BidBuddy and allow the automated bidder to place their bids for them. Why?  Because BidBuddy will save your bids and will not use them until they are needed -- when the clock gets down to the last second.

Because Newbies place bids from the home page and never allow the clock to go down to the last second, they do not even know that other bidders are there. Experienced bidders could place 25 bids into BidBuddy and they might not even be used until the Newbies run out of bids and the clock is finally allowed to go down to the last second.

In other words, Newbies could waste hundreds of bids, bidding away from the home page and never win. Finally, when they run out of bids and the clock goes down to the last second, the bids remaining in BidBuddy then start getting used. If five bidders placed bids into BidBuddy, the automated bidder will take turns placing those bids. If four of those bidders placed 50 bids or less and one person placed 51 bids into BidBuddy, the one with the 51 bids will get the last bid and become the winner ... unless a Newbie accidentally places another bid from the home page at the right time.

4.  Bidding in too many auctions at the same time

  Bidding in too many auctions at the same time might be a bad idea.You could have a better chance to win an auction item if you bid on fewer items at the same time and place more bids on the auction item or items you most want to win. Then, if you do not win those items and you do a BIN (Buy-It-Now), you will get all of your bids back free.

If you bid on too many items at the same time, you might not be able to afford to do a BIN on all of those items and then you will lose bids and have to buy more bid packages more often. It would most likely be a better strategy to focus on only a few auctions at once and wait until later to try to win all of the auction products you want. DealDash will usually offer the same products many times so you will have plenty of other chances to bid on all of the items you want. You do not need to win them all today.

5. Over bidding the value of  the auction product 

  Before Newbies start bidding, they should always look at the retail value of the auction item and do the math to ensure they do not over-bid. For example: If you are bidding on a $25 gift card, you need to figure out how many bids you could place to win the card and still get a good deal.

Let us assume you bought all your bids on sale for 15 cents each. If you take 15 cents x 6, you would get 90 cents. If you are willing to spend as much as 90 cents on the dollar to win a $25 gift card, you might place 150 bids on the $25 gift card. That means you will have spent $22.50 on the bids you used. If that auction closes for $3.50 you have spent $25 for a $25 gift card and then you would only break even.

If the closing cost is more than $3.50 you would be better off doing a BIN (Buy-It-Now) and getting all of your bids back free. Then you could use those same bids to bid on another gift card that you might be able to win for fewer bids.

Newbies who are determined to win an auction no matter what, no matter how many bids it takes, usually end up only hurting themselves. I have seen some bidders use more than 300 bids to win a $25 gift card, which makes no sense at all.  That means, they are paying the price of two cards or more for a chance to win only one. Not only that, but Newbies who overbid the value of the auction often drive the closing cost up so high that nobody gets a good deal.

Some people say they "never quit" and that is ridiculous.  What happens if  NeverStops bids with NeverQuits? Somebody must stop sometime  All intelligent and experienced bidders know that it is often to their financial advantage to quit -- to just stop bidding and do a BIN.  Nobody can win all auctions. Even the most experienced and successful bidders will sometimes lose, but smart bidders end up winning more than losing simply by knowing when to continue bidding and when it makes more sense to quit.

6. Not making a budget -- Not setting financial limits and sticking with them

It is definitely easy for Newbies to get carried away and start bidding on everything they see, even products they would not normally buy, want or use. It is important to stop and think about what you are bidding on. Ask yourself if this item is something you really want, need and can afford.

When I was a Newbie and won nice items for myself, like a digital bathroom scale and food scale, some of my TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) friends wanted me to win those same items for them, too.  Because I am such a giving, generous person, I started to over-extend my budget, and I had to wake up and stop doing that.

At first, I was winning so many good deals that I wasn't keeping track of how much money I was spending, but luckily, I set some financial limits for myself before I ruined my budget. Some other shoppers who allow themselves to become too addicted to the site might not be so lucky.

That is why it is extremely important to make a budget and set reasonable financial limits for yourself ahead of time, and then stick with those limits. For example, if you usually spend $300 per month in a shopping mall, then you might be able to afford to spend $300 per month shopping on instead. 

Nobody should ever bid so much that they get into a terrible financial situation. Nobody wants you to do that -- not even DealDash. They are good people -- a super-fantastic team of professionals -- and I feel certain they would be the first ones to tell you to set a reasonable budget and only shop for the items that you intend to buy, anyway, and can afford to buy, if you do not win.

I sometimes see single parents or retirees shopping on who say they are on a tight budget and decided to go on the site to get some good deals. If that is the case, if you are on a really tight budget and are having a difficult time providing food and clothes for your children, this might not be the best place for you to shop.

Yes, I won many great deals on and you could get some great deals, too,  but this site is more appropriate for people who can afford to buy the items they are shopping for -- win or lose. is a really fun place to shop, but it might not be fun if you over-spend your budget. It is the responsibility of each member of the site to know what you can and cannot afford. Therefore, it is a good idea to figure out your financial limits ahead of time, make a budget and devise a plan to stick with it.

Happy shopping everyone!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Over-bidders Called Greatest Irritation

DealDash customer, Gbarba, calls over-bidders biggest irritation.  Photo provided and taken by Barbara L. Sellers.

During a recent telephone interview when customer, screen name Gbarba, was asked about his greatest irritation while bidding, he said it would have to be the over-bidders.

Shoppers should never bid over the value of the auction item, Gbarba said.

“Once they reach that point, they should simply stop and use BIN (Buy It Now),” he said. “Otherwise, they ruin it for everybody and make it difficult for anybody to get a good deal.”

Gbarba also named two things he especially likes about the penny auction site:

“If I have a question, they respond very quickly,” GBarba said. “They are in constant contact with me and I think it is great that they keep me so well informed. I also appreciate how they are always trying to improve.”

Gbarba first learned about from seeing a TV commercial.

He then decided to give it a try and started shopping on DealDash in September 2013. So far he loves it and has won 52 auctions.

“I think the retail value of auction items I won so far is definitely more than what I invested,” he said.

Gbarba, who works as a project manager for Wal-Mart, mostly shops online for himself and his three children, who are now all in their teens.

So far, he has never shopped on any other penny-auction sites.

“I just love DealDash because I won a lot,” Gbarba said.

His biggest and most thrilling win so far was a 5,000 bid pack (retail value $3,000), which Gbarba won for only $71.00.

“I still would like to win the latest PlayStation 4, and the Xbox 360,” he said.

Gbarba does not want to share his winning secrets, but he said he would suggest one thing:

 “Buy your bids when they are on sale for 15 or 16 cents each, and then use them wisely,” he said. 
“I do not want to say any more than that because I do not want any more competition.”

Gbarba does have a winning strategy, however.  First, he looks to see how much the same auction item recently sold for and then he keeps track of how many bids each one of the other bidders have used. By doing that, he gets a better idea when he should place the rest of his bids to increase his chances of winning.   

Gbarba said he usually puts only one bid in before the $5.00 and then he waits until he thinks everybody else is running out of bids.

If Gbarba could change just one thing about, he said he would like to see DealDash have an alarm system, bells or whistles or a warning noise of some kind to let bidders know when they have reached the point of over-bidding the value of an auction.  

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Monday, December 23, 2013

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

Fantasy Lights at Spanaway Park, Parkland, Wash., taken by Barbara L. Sellers during a walk-through, December 2012
'Twas the week before Christmas,when all through the net,         ,
The shoppers were happy while placing a bet.                       
Great auctions were posted by DealDash with care,                        
In hopes loyal customers soon would be there.                            
Then all sleepy customers went back to bed,                              
While visions of winning danced in their head.                           
And mama with her laptop and I with my pad,                            
Had just won an iPad and we were so glad!                                 
But out in the malls, there arose such a clatter,                            
The pushing and shoving could not have been sadder.               
Then on our computer we saw a big flash                                      
We won a new camera for so little cash.                                       
The glow on the screen from our new auction win                  
Made my heart skip a beat and I had a big grin.                            
When what to my wondering eyes did appear                               
But a couple of bidders that I always fear.                                         
WatchMe, then Nuttersdog, who never quits,                                   
I knew in that moment that this was the pits!                                  
More rapid than eagles more bidders then came                        
I lost hope of winning as I knew every name.                                 
FelixTheCat, Persistant, now even PoorMax                            
All of these bidders would give me the ax.                                 
They are such big winners, made a big haul,                                  
So go away, go away, go away all!                                                    
But then I remembered that I could still BIN                              
And get all the items that I did not win.                                  
Then right to my front door my packages flew                             
The CEO cared about all losers, too.                                            
And then in a twinkling Dave got on the phone                           
And that's when I knew that I wasn't alone.                                    
He wanted to know what DealDash could do                                  
To make winning easier for both me and you.                                
He wasn't just kidding, he was truly aware                                    
That getting good feedback is customer care.                               
Just like a player on a super-great team                                       
Dave was a manager with a big dream.                                          
No matter how far-out my ideas might be,                                        
He listened, took notes and got back to me.                                  
The DealDash support team will never rest.                                
They are all on a mission to still be the best.
The DealDash leader, so brilliant, so merry,                            
So ambitious and young, it is a bit scarey.                                    
He has a nice smile, but certainly no belly                                       
To shake when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly.                          
He is organized, disciplined and what's even more                        
He dared take his company where no one went before.             
No jumpers after five and auctions free to winners,                        
That must have been shocking, especially to beginners.                
But the customers loved it and soon came to know                        
That the DealDash shopping site is the best place to go.                
No shipping charge on anything and no hidden fee, 
That is the huge benefit that most attracted me.                              
I save a little cash and gas while having loads of fun               
And the DealDash support team has only just begun.   
To find lovely gifts for family, friends or mom                     
I  just do my shopping on                               
So I want to thank you before wondering out of sight,                    
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"  

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