Monday, February 11, 2013

Win Limits on

This screen print shows an inside page of an auction product -- an Apple IPad. To open this inside page, customers must double-click their mouse on the auction item. Below the picture of the IPad is a list of bidders who have previously won it and now they are no longer allowed to bid on it again.  Near the bottom in the middle of the page is a white bar. This is where customers place bids into BidBuddy, the automated system that will place bids for you whenever you cannot stay at your computer.

Win Limits Give More Customers

Chance to Win

The main win limits that everyone must follow are:

  • Weekly win limits of a maximum of six auctions worth less than $200
  • Weekly win limits of a maximum of three auctions that retail over $200
  • Monthly win limits of no more than $3,000. Customers who go over this amount will then have reduced weekly win limits imposed -- one auction worth less than $200 and one item that retails for more than $200.
  • Win limits of one-per-household for designated high-end aution items.
By setting fair and honest win limits, more customers have a better chance to win. This is one reason why a high percentage of DealDash customers are also DealDash winners.

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