Friday, March 8, 2013

Customers still get great bargains on

I won this Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 16GB white tablet for $18.46 and 290 bids. It retails for $499. Not only was shipping and handling FREE, but it was super fast. I won this auction on Feb. 27 and already received it March 5.


DealDash Still Proves to be Best Place to Shop

When DealDash grew from 250,000 customers to 1.5-plus million customers, I was afraid it would no longer be possible to win any more great bargains. I was wrong! 

Because we are now competing with a larger number of customers, we might have to develop some different winning strategies, but I proved that it is still possible to win some great bargains. Below is a list of some of the auctions I won in just the last four months -- from early November 2012 to early March 2013.

To figure out the total cost and how much you saved from the retail price, you must add the total cost of the bids used, to the closing cost of the auctions won  Otherwise, winning bidders could pay more than the retail value of the auction item, and that would defeat your purpose of trying to win a great bargain. Sometimes it will cost you less to use the BIN (Buy It Now) option and get all your bids back free. 

In my list of auctions I won in the last four months below, I include the name of the auction item won, the number of bids I used to win, and what I paid (closing cost) versus the full retail price of the item.

To figure out how much money I actually saved, I would have to multiply the number of bids I used by 11 cents, because that's how much I usually pay for bids because I purchase them on sale. That means, if I do the math (cost of bids used, plus the closing cost of the item won), my total cost of the Audio-Technica Professional Turntable was $188. Therefore, I saved $111 off the retail price, which is still a good bargain.

Auction Item                                                No. Bids     I Paid      Retail       Savings

Audio-Technica Professional Turntable            1,127          $65.80        $299           $111.00
Hand-held Projector for iPhone                             70        $10.45       $189           $170.83
Speed Stereo Turntable w/AM/FM                       41         $ 2.39         $ 79            $ 72.10
Cuisinart 56-ounce Blender                                   2         $   .33        $  85            $ 84.45  
Network Kitchen Recipe Device                            41         $ 8.47        $369            $356.02 
600 bid pack                                                     32        $  1.00        $360           $355.48
$50 Texaco Gift Card, plus 50 bids                       77       $   6.40       $ 80            $ 65.13
$50 Macy's Gift Card                                          74        $  1.00        $ 50           $ 40.86
Kodak Personal Photo Scanners                            83        $  1.00        $ 79           $ 68.87 
$50 Texaco Gift Card, plus 50 bids                       25         $   .83        $  80           $ 76.42
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 16GB                       290        $ 18.46       $499         $448.64
Case Logic Compact Camera Case                          3         $   .19        $   6           $   5.48
Logitech Washable USB Keyboard                        83         $  3.19       $ 40           $ 27.68
Cuisinart 5-speed Hand Mixer                               21         $  2.72       $ 50           $ 44.97
If you add up all of my savings on just these auctions I won over the last four months, you can see that is still one of the best places you can shop online. Read more of my blogs and learn how to develop good bidding strategies.  Sometimes it is simply a matter of bidding in the right auctions at the right time.  If you continue to make DealDash your fun place to shop, you will eventuallly win some great bargains, too. 

See   and Happy bidding!!!
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