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Best Penny-Auction Site

Like Ben Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned." How are people trying to save money now in this tight economy? By shopping online, you could save time, money and gas. All products are delivered right to your door step.

DealDash Ranks No. 1, Out Shines All Others

Do you want to save money? Don't we all? Just like Ben Franklin once said, "A penny saved is a penny earned."  When I compared several penny-auction sites, easily came out the winner over all others. No wonder, the longest-running, fair and honest penny-auction site, has quickly gone from being unheard of to being the one everyone is talking about!

What Are Penny-Auction Sites

Most penny-auction shopping sites offer brand new products for auction. Customers fill out a short and easy registration form for free, but everyone must purchase a package of bids to play and have a chance to win the auction of their choice for a chance to win it for as much as 99 percent off the retail price. 

Usually, the price starts at zero and every time a customer places a bid it goes up one penny and the clock will go back from 10 to 30 seconds (depending on the site). When the clock goes down to zero and nobody else places another bid, the last bidder wins the product at whatever the closing price is -- even if it is only one penny.  Some online penny-auction sites are now making the price go up 10 cents or even 66 cents for each bid placed on certain designated auctions.

The biggest expense might be getting started and buying the initial bid package. After that, most penny-auction sites offer bid packages for sale and customers can usually win them for far less money than what the bid packages normally costs. Most sites charge 60 cents per bid, but some sites run specials and put bid packages on sale. When the bids go on sale, that is the best time to buy them and put lots of bids into your account.

Some penny-auction sites even allow customers to bid on a limited number of designated bid packages for FREE. In this case, the only one who has to pay for the bid package is the customer who ends up winning it.

Which Online Penny-Auction Site is Best

New online penny-auction shopping sites are being born every day. It is easy for me to say that is the best one. For starters, I could say is the most reliable site because it is the most fair and honest and longest-running penny-auction site in America.  That might not be good enough for you, however, so I decided to prove it by comparing with some of the other popular penny-auction sites.
I conducted an in-depth research and actually played on six popular penny-auction sites, taking notes as I went, so I could write about my experience and report on the actual results in an organized and easy-to-understand fashion. In doing that, once again I have come to the conclusion that stands out from all the rest.
By reading my report, you could save yourself some money by NOT going on the wrong penny-auction sites that will only take your money and leave you wishing that you just went out and paid cash for the product of your choice instead. If you get on the best penny-auction site and develop some winning strategies and skills, however, it could save you a lot of money and be a fun and entertaining experience at the same time.

If you are dirt-poor, on a tight budget, and can barely afford to buy food to feed your children, I do NOT recommend that you bid on any penny-auction site. Although you might save a big hunk of money by shopping online, most penny-auction sites do not come with a guarantee that you will win.  A few will guarantee that you will win at least one auction with the purchase of your first package of bids or you can ask to get all of your bids back for FREE to try again, but they are not intended for people who have no extra money to "play" with.

Some shopping sites also offer something called a BIN (Buy-It-Now), meaning that if you do not win the auction, you have the option of buying the product at the listed retail price. In some cases, if you do that, you will get all your bids back. In other cases, if you decide to use the BIN option, the penny-auction site will deduct the value of the bids you placed in the auction from the retail price of the item. For example, if you used $10 worth of bids to try to win a $25 gift card, you could then purchase the gift card for $15 instead. Because not all sites offer a BIN option and because the BIN option works differently for some sites, you will have to read up on it before you start bidding. Each site also puts a time limit on how long you have after the close of the auction to use the BIN option. The BIN option is only good for one or two hours on some sites, one is good for 24-hours and on it is good for seven full days.

Since this is such a huge project, I have narrowed my survey report down to only four of the sites I checked out --  Beezid, Bidcactus, DealDash and Zbiddy. I might add more later, but this is enough work for now.
I will include the following:
  1. My screen name showing I actually played on these sites
  2. Number and cost of bid packages
  3. Number, quality and variety of products up for auction
  4. Closing costs to winning bidders/hidden fees
  5. Transaction fees/Postage and handling
  6. Buy-It-Now Option
  7. Clock/Pace and/or time between bids
  8. Automated bidders
  9. What would make me want to come back to this site (what I liked most about it)?
  10. What would make me leave the site and never come back to it (what I liked least about it)?

Watch for my posts so you can see for yourself (without wasting money) that is not only the longest-running penny-auction site in America, but it is by far the best, most reliable, fun and entertaining penny-auction site in America as well. I will write additional blogs discussing each of the 10 points listed above that I looked at when I compared other penny-auction sites with

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