Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to Take the "Gamble" Out of Bidding

I won some and I bought some of these many gift cards listed on Whether I bid on DealDash or not, I already know I will spend money on dining out, gas , books, movies and home repairs. If I do not win the card, I buy it and get all my bids back free. By bidding on gift cards, I cannot lose because sometimes I win them at a bargain price.

DealDash Gives Customers Most Control to Play Safe

Are you the kind of person who always wants to play safe and take the "gamble" out of bidding?  Then is the right penny-auction site for you. Why? Because DealDash might be the only penny-auction site that makes it possible for you to do just that.

How can you take the "gamble" out of bidding?  By only bidding on auction products that you would buy, anyway. If you do not win the auction, just buy it at retail price, get all your bids back free, and use them again to bid on another product you would buy, anyway. If you consistently do that, you will win some products at bargain prices.

Buy-It-Now is the only penny auction site I found that gives customers seven days to buy the auction product at retail price to get all bids back free.

When I do not win a gift card, I BIN (Buy-It-Now), get all my bids back free, and then I use those same bids to try to win another gift card.

By continually using this strategy, I sometimes win a gift card at a greatly reduced price that makes up for the cost of my bids. If you always buy your bids on sale and/or win additional packages of bids for a lot less money than they are worth, you will come out ahead of the game.

Gift Card Bargains

The main reason we are bidding on is to get a good bargain, right? 
Some of the best bargains I won on gift cards are:

      • $100 Toys R Us                        $ 3.43 (68 bids)

      • $50 Amazon                              $  8.85 (83 bids)
      • $50 Texaco gas (plus 50 bids)      $  .83 (25 bids)
      • $50 Barnes & Nobles                 $   .56 (8 bids)
      • $50 Target                                 $11.01 (51 bids)

      • $25 Darden Restaurant              $1.00 (29 bids)
      • $25 Applebee's (plus 30 bids)     $2.90 (2 bids)
      • $25 AMC Theatre (plus 25 bids) $ .01 (67 bids)
      • $25 Starbucks Coffee                 $  .43 (11 bids)
      • $25 ARCO PumpPass                $2.59 (73 bids)
For the $425 worth of gift cards listed above, I paid $31.61 plus the cost of a total of 417 bids I used to win them. I won some of the bids used and I bought the rest on sale for 11 to 18 cents each. Whenever I bid on a gift card during a "free to the winner" special, I only have to pay one penny, plus the cost of my bids.

If I paid an average of 15 cents a bid, it cost me about $62.55 for the bids I used to win these cards. If I add that to the $31.61 it means I paid a total of $94.16. This represents a savings of $320.84 for shopping I would do whether I bid on DealDash or not.

Bid Smart

Unfortunately, I do not always bid smart. I am still learning that it consistently takes self-discipline to do that. It is so much fun to bid on DealDash that I am sometimes tempted to bid on items I do not really need. Whenever I do play smart, however, I win some great bargains and come out money ahead.

This proves if you are a disciplined bidder who always bids smart, you could win more than you lose.

If you only bid on products you would purchase, anyway, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. is the only penny auction site I found where customers have this much control over taking the "gamble" out of bidding.

Happy bidding everyone!

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