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Window Shopping on

Free clip art, depicting three women window shopping.
Stuck-at-Home Customer Goes 'Window Shopping' From Comfort of Her Home

"I have vision damage and cannot drive," said screen name OCDOCDOCDOCD, who I will just call Linda to protect her identity. "I live in a very populated area, but I am more or less stuck at home. I seldom get a chance to go out to shop because my husband is a truck driver who is on the road most of the time."

Linda said she thinks is a very good shopping site for anyone who cannot get out to the stores as well as for people who live far out into the country in secluded areas.

"DealDash would be good for people like my sister because she has to drive about 100 miles just to get to places like Wal-Mart," she said.

Because there are other DealDash customers with similar screen names, it might be easy to get them confused. Linda from Texas, screen name OCD (x 4), has only been a member of DealDash since June of this year, while another DealDash customer, OCD (x3), has been a long-time DealDash customer, who won more than 500 auctions, according to the All Penny Auction site's Hall of Fame. When deciding who you want to bid with and who you do not want to bid with, it is important to know the difference between these two similar screen names.

"So far, my best win was a $100 Chilli gift card for only about one dollar," Linda said. "That is my family's favorite place to go out to eat, so I really got excited when I won that!  I also won some bid packs, including one 800 bid pack."

Linda said she first learned about from seeing a TV commercial.

"The thing I like most is the free shipping and handling," she said. "I was bored and I thought it would be a good way to get Christmas and birthday gifts."

Linda shops for her husband, kids, granddaughter, nieces and nephews, and she likes the huge variety of gift ideas included in DealDash auctions.

"I open DealDash almost every day to go window shopping," she said. "I mostly just do a lot of looking. I wait until I see something I really want before I start bidding. I know my husband really likes tools."

Because Linda is unable to work, she said she has to stay within a strict budget.

"I do not have enough money to go for the big items," she said. "I do not play with the big dogs."

Linda has tried another penny auction site, but she said she did not like the processing and shipping and handling fees, and she thinks DealDash is the best penny-auction site she has found.

If Linda could change anything about DealDash to make it even better, she would:

1) Limit how many auctions each customer could bid on at the same time
2) Go back to the 30-second timers or have more special events where customers get 2X or 3X their seconds on the clock to earn more free bids.
3) Offer more auction items for dogs.

The best advice Linda has to give to other bidders is to take the time to read how to play and learn the bidding habits of other customers.

"I learned so much in the month or so I just watched the site before I started bidding," Linda said. "Some people consistently overbid and it is important to know who they are because you cannot win against stupid!"

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