Monday, April 15, 2013

Blowout Sales

DealDash recently featured a special event where 40 iPads were put up for auction all at the same time. One customer won her Apple iPad for a little more than $20. What a deal! Keeps Auctions Interesting by Featuring Brand New Specials

Just when I thought the competition was too strong and I might never win an auction again, came to the rescue by offering some specials they never offered before. All of a sudden I started winning again.

Kindle Fire Auction of All Kinds

Yes! That is right. DealDash held a special auction where oodles of Kindle Fires were put up for auction all at the same time. They included 8GB, 16GB and 32GB Kindle Fires.  I focused my attention on the Kindle Fires that were  16GB and 32GB ... and guess what?  I won a $199 Kindle Fire 16GB for $28.79 plus 443 bids (on sale at 10 cents each). So my Kindle Fire cost me $73.09.  That was a nice win! Although I already had one, someone ran into me and caused my other Kindle Fire to fall to the floor and it has not been working right ever since. So that gave me a wonderful opportunity to replace my dysfunctional Kindle Fire, which made me really happy!

40 iPads Went up for Auction at The Same Time

I wanted to make sure I got in on that action because I never owned an Apple iPad and in today's world that is pretty sad. This was going to be my big opportunity to change that. With that many iPads up for auction at the same time, surely I would have a much better chance of winning one.  Unfortunately, when this auction kicked off a few days ago, other family obligations took me away from my computer. By the time I got back to my computer, it was too late for me to get into the "no jumper" auctions that would not allow any new bidders in once the price had reached $5 (as you can see in the photo above). Oh, oh, I was too late, but I saw that many other DealDash customers did participate in that special auction and some of them won their iPad at bargain prices!

New Blowout Sale: 400 New Auctions Will Start at The Same Time Today -- Do NOT Miss It!

I will set my alarm to be at my computer when kicks off its latest Special Event -- 400 new auctions starting all at the same time.  Customers were saying they wanted more auctions and the team listened. Who knows what wonderful items will be up for grabs in its latest special event?  Be there so you do not miss out!  To get more information and/or to register, go to:

DealDash is now alerting customers to another upcoming special, where 400 products will be put up for auction all at the same time. Now is also the time to buy bid packages for only 10 cents each, so you have plenty of bids to win the auction items you want.  Good luck ... but leave some for me, too!
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