Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Clearance Sales customers enjoy Spring Clearance Sale, featuring 200 gas cards.

200 Gas Cards Auctioned at Same Time

Yeah! After a losing streak, I won a $50 Chevron/Texaco gas card -- my favorite one!  Just when I think I might never win again, DealDash comes up with a new, exciting special that keeps the bidding fresh and exciting.

With 200 gas cards that went up for auction on at the same time, more customers were able to win a bargain price. Cards included a wide variety of gas cards from Chevron, Texaco, Phillips 66, BP, ARCO, Sinclair, Mobile and others.

No more did the 200 Gas Card Spring Clearance end, and another special started the next day, April 18 -- another Spring Clearance Sale, featuring 200 gift cards.

The 200 gift cards included Amazon, Target, Macys, WalMart, Subway, Burger King, Sears,
K-Mart, Game Stop, Bed,Bath & Beyond and others. 

Yeah! This event brought me even better luck. This time I won two cards -- a $50 Target gift card and a $50 Amazon gift card (my reward for giving a $50 Amazon card to my daughter-in-law, who needed one!).

These bulk clearance sales help give more customers a better chance to win a good bargain ... and I expect to come up with even more and better specials in the near future. Don't miss out on all the fun ... Be there!

For more information and/or to register for free, see  Now is the time to do so because bids (normally 60 cents each) are now on sale for the rock-bottom price of only 10 cents each. You will never be able to get a better deal than that!

To learn more about, read my other posts here. You can also go to another web site called Squidoo, and do a search for "How To Bid Smart On DealDash." I also have two other articles on that web site, so lots of information is available on how to play to win on the first and longest-running penny-auction site in America. Go to: and read all about the "fair and honest" penny-auction site, a fun place to take care of many of your shopping needs.

Happy bidding!, the fair and honest penny-auction site, featured 200 gift cards that all went up for auction at the same time during its Spring Clearance Sale April 18.

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