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Customer Service

Photo Credit: Courtesy of DealDash
These friendly customer service representatives at are some of the staff members who are there to help you.

 Customer Service With a ‘Magic’ Touch 

 ‘Magics’ Loves Customer Service at DealDash

Often times behind-the-scenes employees who work hard every day to ensure everything runs smoothly get little recognition from anyone outside of even the most successful organizations. One happy customer, however, did notice and greatly appreciates the customer service at DealDash (

“I have never had such excellent customer service as I have had with DealDash,” said ‘Magics,’ who started shopping on DealDash Nov. 10, 2012, and has already reached Level 35. 

During a recent telephone interview, ‘Magics’ requested that I use her screen name and keep her actual name private.

“All of the DealDash staff members with whom I have had contact are always very courteous,” she said. “They all have excellent communication and outstanding customer service skills. In fact, Magics said if it were not for the awesome customer service that DealDash provides, she would have “thrown in the towel,” but she’s still a loyal customer. 

“I think the CEO does a fantastic job of hiring people who are the very best at doing that job,” Magics said. “Whenever I have a question, they are always so quick to get back to me; and whenever I have any kind of problem (like if the timer wasn’t working), they are always quick to resolve it. I am very impressed with them.”

Magics first learned about DealDash from facebook. She said she uses the site mainly as a place to shop for herself, her son and her dog.’ 

So far, her most exciting win was a $1,000 Sigma lens for a Nikon camera, which she won for only $2.58 and a very small number of bids.

“My son got super excited when he saw that lens, so I plan to get a Nikon camera and give the camera and the lens to him for Christmas,” she said. “The biggest problem is that it might not be so easy to win a camera.”

Because some power bidders win more than their share of cameras, it makes it a lot more difficult for other customers to win one, Magics said. She noticed that another customer has already won 10 cameras.

“Now what is that customer going to do with that many cameras?” she said. “I wish DealDash would put a limit on the number of cameras each customer could win. Then maybe more customers could have a better chance to win one.”

If Magics could change anything else about DealDash, she would:
1) Offer a free bid package for every three to 10 bid packages a customer buys 
2) Get back the 30-second timer because the 10-second auctions uses up too many bids too quickly and it takes longer to earn the free bids (see the green line at the bottom right of the screen)
 3) provide some kind of incentive (like free bids) for new bidders to read and learn how the site works before they start bidding.

“Jumpers  are the biggest irritation,” Magics said. “When they do not know how to play and keep cutting the clock, they are cheating me and the other bidders out of earning our free bids.

Although Magics likes the auction products, she would like to see DealDash add some swimming pool supplies, more products for women (like purses) and more office equipment, such as nice chairs and other office supplies like paper shredders.

“I tried one other penny auction site, but I will probably be shopping on DealDash for a long time,” she said. “I tell everybody about DealDash. It is so much fun that it is really easy to get hooked.”

Magics said she wishes there was a penny-auction support group to help customers set healthy limits and learn how to walk away from auctions sometimes.

“Christmas shopping will start pretty soon, so that might be really difficult to do,” she said.

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