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Customers on a Budget

Photo credit: Barbara L. Sellers, Disney World, Orlando
DisneyDame, who shares a DealDash account with his wife, said she loves everything Disney and would like to see some Disney products on DealDash. 

Smart Bidder Sets Strict Limits Ahead of Time

One DealDash customer knows he is certainly not the richest bidder online, but he might be one of the smartest because he sets strict budget limits ahead of time and sticks with them.
DisneyDame, who shares his wife’s account, has been a very happy DealDash customer since August, 2011. He recently agreed to a telephone interview, but requested that I withhold his actual name.
During the interview, DisneyDame gave me some good information and tips that other DealDash customers on a tight budget could use.
“I am a very conservative bidder,” said the retired paramedic from California. “I cannot afford to buy the high-retail auction items, so I seldom bid on them. I go for the sure thing. I mostly bid on gift cards and other low-cost items I can afford to buy if I do not win.”
As a loyal DealDash customer, DisneyDame has now reached Level 23.
“But I am not the person who is keeping DealDash in business,” he said. “I play for enjoyment and entertainment. I play DealDash … DealDash does not play me.”
Nonetheless, Disneydame hopes DealDash stays in business for a very long time because they are the most fair and honest penny auction site he has been able to find.
“Before I found DealDash, I tried other penny-auction sites and lost a lot of money,” he said. “I won many auction products I never received from other penny-auction sites.”
Fortunately, his experience with DealDash has been much different.
“DealDash has been wonderful,” he said. “DealDash is definitely the best online site ( out of all of the ones I have tried. I am extremely happy with them. Now I would never participate in any other site. DealDash is the only one I play.”
DisneyDame first discovered DealDash by accident.
“I was just researching stuff when I happened to see it,” he said.
One of the first things that caught DisneyDames interest was that players who do not win can pay the retail price for the item and get all of their bids back free. 
“I really like that because I am not a gambler,” he said. “With DealDash I am not interested in gambling and I don’t.  If I do not win, I BIN (Buy-It-Now) and get my bids back free.”
DisneyDame said to figure out the “real cost” of an item, it is important for customers to add the closing cost of the auction to the cost of all of the bids used to win it. As the price of the auction climbs, people should count their average bids purchased as part of the overall price paid to make the decision when they would be better off to BIN than win, he said.
“Winners could end up being the biggest losers if they overbid because then it is too late to get their bids back,” DisneyDame said. “I am very, very, very conservative, so I have never won my quota (wins allowed per week). Usually, I win two to three auctions in one week.  I have gone to maybe five in one week, but that is the closest I ever came to winning six.”
To see one of DisneyDame's wins, go here:
To register, buy a package of bids and start bidding in DealDash auctions, go here: 
Another thing DisneyDame likes about DealDash is the free shipping and handling.
“My favorite special events are the ‘free to the winner’ auctions and when all the bids are returned to the bidders (who didn’t win) after the auctions are over,” he said.
If DisneyDame could change a few things about DealDash, he would:
1)      Lower the ‘no jumper’ limit at $2 or $3 or, to be allowed to continue bidding, require each bidder to invest about 15 bids, instead of one, before the $5.
2)      In payment for a customer’s loyalty, give them a free bid package on their birthday or anniversary date when they became a customer.
“Everybody likes to be treated extra nice, especially on their birthday or anniversary,” he said. “Of course, I know that DealDash has to make enough money, too, or else we all lose.”
DisneyDame believes the more experienced bidders are the more careful and smart they become about selecting what auctions they bid in and how much they bid.
“For anybody to say they never quit is insane,” he said. “Even on a fair and honest bidding site you still have to be careful not to become addicted and overbid. Each customer must decide what their limits are and work that out for themselves.”
DisneyDame said sometimes the smartest thing a bidder can do is to simply BIN and walk away.
“Everybody has to stop at some point,” he said.
This happy, loyal customer said he plans to continue playing on DealDash for a long time into the future.
“DealDash is a very reliable and reputable business,” he said. “I hardly ever have a problem, but whenever I do, DealDash always corrects it.”

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