Monday, November 4, 2013

Pet Lover Loves to Shop on

This adorable kitten is only one of many rescued foster kittens the DealDash customer, LuvMyPets, has helped to save.

... Especially When She Sees Products For Pets

I recently talked with a Florida retiree who loves shopping on and she also loves her pets – four dogs and three cats of her own.  Additionally, she often fosters cats and occasionally dogs.  That is why this DealDash customer, LuvMyPets, would really like to see more products for pets in upcoming auctions..

“I shop for the animals,” said LuvMyPets, who requested that I use her screen name only.

“I won three pet beds and a DrinkWell fountain, but my favorite pet item is an extra-large cage” she said.  “When I cannot get what I want for my pets, I try to win Amazon gift cards instead because then I can buy my pet products, like cat food and pet vitamins from them.”

Her pets include two Doberman Pinchers, a Staffordshire Terrier (pit bull), a Silky Terrier, a Lynx cat, a Domestic Short-Hair Tortie cat and one Blue Russian cat, which are all rescue animals.  She has a facebook page that is dedicated to other animal rescue people, too.

LuvMyPets best wins, however, include other items like the 5,000 bid package for only $20.85 (retails for $3,000), two TVs, two Nikon cameras (one on Thanksgiving Day for only $17.00), a pressure washer and a sewing machine.  

She said she shops on about four days a week.

“I mostly bid on gift cards, said LuvMyPets. “If I do not win, I BIN (Buy It Now).” 

Everything she does as a retiree is strictly volunteer (non-paid) jobs, so she said she does need to save money.  One of her volunteer jobs is working at an animal rescue Shelter.

“I played on one or two other penny-auction sites before I tried DealDash but I did not like the other sites very much,” LuvMyPets said. “Before I tried DealDash, I first read everything there was to read about how to play.”

As a long-time customer, LuvMyPets has graciously agreed to share a few shopping tips for new customers.

“I do not want to give away all of my winning strategies, but I am willing to share a few important tips for new bidders to follow:

  • Read directions on the bottom of the home page and learn how the site works before you begin to play
  • Set limits for yourself
  • Watch how other bidders play and make a list of screen names to avoid and
  • Avoid bidding until the auction gets down to the last two or three people.

One thing LuvMyPets would like to see improve on DealDash is the prevention of team bidding, which is something DealDash has been working on because it is important to them to keep its site fair and honest.

“I really like the 10-second clock much better because then I can get the job done so much faster,” she said. 

LuvMyPets also loves the DealDash “Best Photo of the Week” competition and she already won the photo contest twice and received a free $500 gift card each time.

“I used my first gift card to buy a bike for my husband and a tricycle for myself,” she said.


  1. Very nice article from your interview with customer LuvMyPets. Those are some good tips as well for new DealDash bidders to keep in mind. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks - I emailed him with the link. I'll keep you posted deal shoppers

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