Monday, December 23, 2013

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

Fantasy Lights at Spanaway Park, Parkland, Wash., taken by Barbara L. Sellers during a walk-through, December 2012
'Twas the week before Christmas,when all through the net,         ,
The shoppers were happy while placing a bet.                       
Great auctions were posted by DealDash with care,                        
In hopes loyal customers soon would be there.                            
Then all sleepy customers went back to bed,                              
While visions of winning danced in their head.                           
And mama with her laptop and I with my pad,                            
Had just won an iPad and we were so glad!                                 
But out in the malls, there arose such a clatter,                            
The pushing and shoving could not have been sadder.               
Then on our computer we saw a big flash                                      
We won a new camera for so little cash.                                       
The glow on the screen from our new auction win                  
Made my heart skip a beat and I had a big grin.                            
When what to my wondering eyes did appear                               
But a couple of bidders that I always fear.                                         
WatchMe, then Nuttersdog, who never quits,                                   
I knew in that moment that this was the pits!                                  
More rapid than eagles more bidders then came                        
I lost hope of winning as I knew every name.                                 
FelixTheCat, Persistant, now even PoorMax                            
All of these bidders would give me the ax.                                 
They are such big winners, made a big haul,                                  
So go away, go away, go away all!                                                    
But then I remembered that I could still BIN                              
And get all the items that I did not win.                                  
Then right to my front door my packages flew                             
The CEO cared about all losers, too.                                            
And then in a twinkling Dave got on the phone                           
And that's when I knew that I wasn't alone.                                    
He wanted to know what DealDash could do                                  
To make winning easier for both me and you.                                
He wasn't just kidding, he was truly aware                                    
That getting good feedback is customer care.                               
Just like a player on a super-great team                                       
Dave was a manager with a big dream.                                          
No matter how far-out my ideas might be,                                        
He listened, took notes and got back to me.                                  
The DealDash support team will never rest.                                
They are all on a mission to still be the best.
The DealDash leader, so brilliant, so merry,                            
So ambitious and young, it is a bit scarey.                                    
He has a nice smile, but certainly no belly                                       
To shake when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly.                          
He is organized, disciplined and what's even more                        
He dared take his company where no one went before.             
No jumpers after five and auctions free to winners,                        
That must have been shocking, especially to beginners.                
But the customers loved it and soon came to know                        
That the DealDash shopping site is the best place to go.                
No shipping charge on anything and no hidden fee, 
That is the huge benefit that most attracted me.                              
I save a little cash and gas while having loads of fun               
And the DealDash support team has only just begun.   
To find lovely gifts for family, friends or mom                     
I  just do my shopping on                               
So I want to thank you before wondering out of sight,                    
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"  

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  1. It took several dozen edits to get all the lines to fall into place. Every time I fixed one line, another line got all messed up, but I think I finally fixed it. I hope you enjoy my poem.