Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Over-bidders Called Greatest Irritation

DealDash customer, Gbarba, calls over-bidders biggest irritation.  Photo provided and taken by Barbara L. Sellers.

During a recent telephone interview when DealDash.com customer, screen name Gbarba, was asked about his greatest irritation while bidding, he said it would have to be the over-bidders.

Shoppers should never bid over the value of the auction item, Gbarba said.

“Once they reach that point, they should simply stop and use BIN (Buy It Now),” he said. “Otherwise, they ruin it for everybody and make it difficult for anybody to get a good deal.”

Gbarba also named two things he especially likes about the DealDash.com penny auction site:

“If I have a question, they respond very quickly,” GBarba said. “They are in constant contact with me and I think it is great that they keep me so well informed. I also appreciate how they are always trying to improve.”

Gbarba first learned about DealDash.com from seeing a TV commercial.

He then decided to give it a try and started shopping on DealDash in September 2013. So far he loves it and has won 52 auctions.

“I think the retail value of auction items I won so far is definitely more than what I invested,” he said.

Gbarba, who works as a project manager for Wal-Mart, mostly shops online for himself and his three children, who are now all in their teens.

So far, he has never shopped on any other penny-auction sites.

“I just love DealDash because I won a lot,” Gbarba said.

His biggest and most thrilling win so far was a 5,000 bid pack (retail value $3,000), which Gbarba won for only $71.00.

“I still would like to win the latest PlayStation 4, and the Xbox 360,” he said.

Gbarba does not want to share his winning secrets, but he said he would suggest one thing:

 “Buy your bids when they are on sale for 15 or 16 cents each, and then use them wisely,” he said. 
“I do not want to say any more than that because I do not want any more competition.”

Gbarba does have a winning strategy, however.  First, he looks to see how much the same auction item recently sold for and then he keeps track of how many bids each one of the other bidders have used. By doing that, he gets a better idea when he should place the rest of his bids to increase his chances of winning.   

Gbarba said he usually puts only one bid in before the $5.00 and then he waits until he thinks everybody else is running out of bids.

If Gbarba could change just one thing about DealDash.com, he said he would like to see DealDash have an alarm system, bells or whistles or a warning noise of some kind to let bidders know when they have reached the point of over-bidding the value of an auction.  

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